Monday, March 17, 2014

The Leavened Life

I may have finally come across a name for this little project of mine. While my musings so far have not been entirely about bread, my love for the stuff was something of a catalyst for what has turned out to be a passion for all things culinary. Spending a semester in Paris in 2012, I discovered a culture where a good meal always involves great bread - the staff of life. The age-old art form of bread-making has such deep cultural and historical roots that my anthropology-studying self couldn't help but want to delve deeper. After also travelling to Italy and finding nothing but amazing food, I came home and started cooking.

Leaven - the stuff that makes bread rise - whether it's yeast or natural starter, is what brings it to life. Different leavening agents can give bread its own own flavor, its distinct character. And so I have titled my blog, The Leavened Life, bringing flavor and character to my world through food.

Speaking of leavening agents, today is St. Patrick's day! I made Irish soda bread, which rather than yeast uses baking soda as leavening, and is a little more like a giant biscuit or scone than bread, but delicious nonetheless. And to pay further homage to my Irish heritage, corned beef and cabbage is on the menu for tonight, cooking away in the oven as I write.

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  1. How was the Irish dinner?
    Your blog name is perfect for you. May all good things help you to "rise" to your dreams and cherished path.